Monday, April 17, 2017

Abstract Expressionism Art Painting “The Dancer” by International Contemporary Abstract Artist Arrachme

Abstract expression of The Dancer. Moving across the canvas with elegance and grace to land and gently offer a tulip, the flower of love. Image is created with black gesso technique -coloring on canvas with acrylic.

Acrylic on Canvas/Available


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Come Play With Me......

“Quieting the mind, drawing in, allowing are all words that I spent a lifetime in search of”. Then, when I was not monitoring my progress I found it. 

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The Long Awaited Online Courses by Arrachme are NOW OPEN!!!

   How to use  tools to make fun painting!

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 With 13 Categories to choose from, this proven method applies 12 steps to start the beginner and seasoned artists with good habits and to encourage the seasoned artist to grow. 

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